Token Skeptic Podcast : Token Skeptic 224 - On How Safe are Herbal Medicines - Interview With Dr Garth Maker

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How safe are herbal medicines?

In 2011, just over a billion dollars was spent on alternative medicines in Australia, many of which come with unproven efficacy claims. 

After reports on mainstream media in Australia about the efficacy of alternative medicine, cancer 'cures' and the like, there's a call for increased scrutiny about what's being offered to the public in the name of 'health supplements'.

Murdoch University Biochemistry Lecturer Dr Garth Maker is seeking to shed some light on the subject of herbal medicines.

If you're in Perth, you can attend his lecture this coming Monday, at Murdoch University in building 460.3.032 (ECL2).  To download the campus map click here, or to us the interactive map please click here.


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